Privacy Policy adheres to all policies and procedures for the processing of sensitive and personal data. We fully respect the privacy right of our websites users. commits to responsible and careful treatment of the data which it collects about customers in order to proceedwith a purchase. Protecting this data is an important part of our commitment to provide consumers with first-class care and comprehensive services. We take the privacy of our customersinto account, but we also reserve the right not to be responsible for third parties outside the relationship of the seller-customer.

Personal Data Processing

The aggregate name „personal data“ means all information provided to on the basis of which we can uniquely identify a customer.

In the process of buying goods from the Internet shop, we collect and store some of the voluntarily provided personal information, including name, surname, address, e-mail address and phone numbers. Their collection is for the sole purpose of purchasing and delivering ordered goods. collects, processes and archives a customer’s personal information in accordance with the applicable laws, without the express content of the customer. This data is used to fulfil the agreed services between and their customers. Collecting, processing and storing other personal data for other purposes is only possible with the customer’s consent.

Handling Personal Data

All data that collects, havea confidential status and may be provided to third parties in the following ways:
– The payment card data necessary to execute the transaction may be provided to the financial institutions involved in processing the transaction
- Your e-mail address can be used if there is any problem with your order
- We can provide the shipping address and other necessary contact details to the shipping company for the goods delivery
- In the case of regulatory and law enforcement requests, we may access your personal data on the basis of a court order

Payment Data Protection

In order to secure your payment data, we use SSL technology with a 256-bit key length to process them. This encrypted transmission is safe and fast. You can recognise the secure connection according to the green address bar in your browser.

Consent and revocation of consent to the provision of personal data

Providing personal data to our company may be considered as consent to their collection, processing, storage and use in the order and payment process. In the case of a requirement to provide personal data for secondary purposes, mainly in a marketing nature, we expressly ask for your consent.

Expression of consent is valid until you terminate it in writing. You can cancel your consent without giving a reason by sending your request to

Collection and handling of impersonal data

In order to secure the proper functioning of the website and to improve the services provided, our company uses cookies. These are small text files stored on your computer or mobile device. In any case, cookies don’t contain personal data on the basis of which a customer can be definitely identified. You can review and/or delete cookies at your discretion. You can clear all cookies stored on your computer and set most browsers to prevent them from being stored. In this case, however, you may have to manually modify some settings at each visit to our store and some services and features may not work properly.

Right to provide information

Our customers have the right to request disclosure of the scope of data that records onabout them. They also have the right to request modification or permanent removal of this data.

Additional information

We reserve the right to modify the text of the above-mentioned security and privacy policy. Any changes made will be effective immediately after publishing on the website.

We take the protection of personal dataseriously. We believe you will trust us and the information you provide will help us improve our services. In case of any questions, ambiguities or objections to the privacy policy, please do not hesitate to contact us at